Wolfs Walk


What is Wolfs Walk?
Wolfs Walk is a new, unique street festival featuring artisanal food and drink, live music, and a highly-curated selection of vendors and non-profit organizations being organized by the Pelham Chamber of Commerce.

When is Wolfs Walk?
Wolfs Walk will take place on Saturday, September 8th from 4:00p.m.–11:00p.m.

Where is Wolfs Walk being held?
The street festival will take place on Wolfs Lane between Second Street and Boulevard in Pelham, NY.

Will tables and tents be provided?
One 6 foot long table will be provided to each Wolfs Walk participant. Tents will NOT be provided.

Will electricity be provided or do I need to bring my own generator?
Wolfs Walk participants who require electricity must bring their own generators.

Do I need a permit to participate in Wolfs Walk?
Only if you are a vendor that will need a generator or will require an open flame.

Do I need my own insurance to participate in Wolfs Walk?

How do I apply for a Wolfs Walk spot?
If you’re interested in securing a spot at Wolfs Walk please contact vendor@wolfswalk.com or info@wolfswalk.com

I would like to sponsor Wolfs Walk — where can I find more information?
Contact us at info@wolfswalk.com or sponsorship@wolfswalk.com

Who do I contact for further information about attending or participating in Wolfs Walk?
Call Amy Rios at 845.461.5659 or email info@wolfswalk.com